The International 4300

The International 4300 Acquisition is a drilling rig acquisition project that includes numerous leases and an unlimited amount of wells located primarily in, but not limited to, the states of Arizona Texas. The offering will be directly tied to all wells drilled by the International 4300 Drilling Rig further described in the pages of this offering. The International 4300 will drill to all depths and complete wells in all zones that are of interest and have the potential for helium production in the state of Arizona. Each of these zones (Coconino, Supai, Shinarump, and Ft.Apache) presents its own set of unique challenges and the drilling rig associated with this offering is engineered to meet them all. The International 4300 model unit described in this offering will drill up to 3,000' and complete wells up to 3,000'. The ability to both drill and complete wells with the same rig will save time and money and allow Rare Earth Exploration to put wells into production much quicker than drilling with contract drillers who are few in number in Arizona.

Drill Specs: 300 PSI Air Compressor. Detroit 12V80 Diesel Deck Engine. 50,000 lbs of Pullback. Worm Gear Power Head. Water Injection Pump. Hammer Lubricator. 4 & 7 Rod Carousels. Crane Carrier Company Truck. CAT 3208 Diesel Engine. Max depth 3,000’. 3,000’ 3” Drill-pipe.

Pump Specs: JWS 340 W/671. Detroit Model Triplex. Mud Pump System. 4 Beam Skid 80B. Reverse Tank.